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The ZENN Electric Car: More about this Electric Powered Car

The ZENN electric car is a Canadian LSV (low speed electric vehicle)/ NEV (neighbourhood electric vehicle) that is sold throughout the US and in Quebec in Canada.

To put it in ZENNs own words the ZENN "is enlightened mobilityĒ and ďfuelled by optimismĒ, which is my personal favourite, as Iíd say itís especially fuelled by optimism and hope when you realise youíre after going a bit out of your range and are praying you can make it home on the little charge left! It does however have good specs for a NEV and even looks like a proper car (unlike something like a GEM).

What are the specs?

ZENN electric car The ZENN is a NEV which means itís limited to 25mph in the US and Canada. They donít say what the true top speed is but to be honest I donít think it would be any higher than 25 anyway. It has a range of up to 40 miles and takes about 8hrs to charge from a normal 110V (American) socket. It runs on sealed lead-acid batteries but has a three phase AC motor.

Is it practical?

If you live in an urban area where you donít need to travel too far each day itís extremely practical. But for everyone else itís not the best!

Where can I get one?

There are dealers in twenty states in America and one in Quebec in Canada where the car is only legal on a pilot scheme for NEVs. It also says in their specs that the ZENN electric car is available in right hand drive so it could possibly be driven in Ireland and the UK too.

ZENN electric car At the moment ZENN have decided to cease production of the ZENN electric car in April 2009. They are mainly doing this because they have a stake in a company that will hopefully be making a super capacitor. A super capacitor is like a battery except it can charge fully in minutes, can travel for hundreds of miles on a single charge, is much lighter and would pretty much revolutionise the electric car if it worked.

ZENN are then planning to sell electric drive trains with the super capacitor to other big car companies and leave the stress of trying to sell cars to them!

ZENN electric car A lot of people think itís impossible to get it to work but the company EEStor who are trying hard to make them and ZENN obviously must know something we donít as their whole company rests on the result. I wish them good luck and hope all their hard work pays off!

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