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Who makes hybrid cars?: Hybrid cars are no longer future cars.

So who makes hybrid cars? Well hybrid cars are not an easy thing to make successfully. Sometimes they can be called hybrids and use all the right technology but still have a lower mpg than most other cars around as it gets put into a gas guzzling SUV. Sometimes they can be called hybrids but use only the tiniest bit of hybrid technology that makes so small a difference it might as well not be there at all. I think that people who buy a hybrid are very aware of this and thatís why most hybrids fall flat on their faces and drift off into the wilderness never to be seen again.

Who makes hybrid cars?

Sometimes however a manufacturer can come up with a huge success like most obviously the Prius or Insight. The one thing in common with hybrids however is the enormous amount of people who make hybrid cars now and theyíre only going to get bigger.

There are many different categories of hybrid cars being made now but Iíll just break them into two:

Who makes hybrid cars? Plug-in Hybrids Ė There arenít too many manufacturers making these at the moment. BYD, a Chinese car company who makes hybrid cars in China sell the F3DM. Itís scheduled to go on sale in Europe in 2011. Future cars like the most high profile plug-in hybrid set to go on sale is made by Chevrolet and is called the Chevy Volt. Fisker also make the Karma which is billed as a hybrid Tesla and is due to go on sale soon. Aptera make the futuristic looking 2e.

Who makes hybrid cars?

Regular Hybrids -
Most obviously Toyota makes the Prius hybrid but they also have a hybrid version of their Camry and Highlander models. Nissan make the Altima, Ford make hybrid versions of the Fusion and Escape and Honda have the Insight and a hybrid Civic. Lexus also have a range of high-class hybrids available now. The GMC Yukon Hybrid is a hybrid SUV by GM in America.

There are many other companies with plans for hybrids at the moment from VW to Ferrari and...well pretty much everyone else! These days if you donít have a hybrid for sale or at least one coming out soon youíre going to be left behind pretty fast.

Who makes hybrid cars? So why are so many manufacturers making hybrids? Well one of the reasons behind hybrids becoming big is that there are laws in place now where manufacturers have to cut down the average emissions of their full range of cars. This means if you want to build some cars that have the same emissions as a Boeing 747 then youíre going to have to have a hybrid or electric car to even all that out.

Another reason is hybrids could very realistically be the cars of the future. If they do become the future cars we all drive a couple years down the line then a company that has to make itsí first hybrid to compete is going to be at a huge disadvantage to someone like Toyota who have years of research and experience of hybrids already.

So who makes hybrid cars? Hopefully in a few years the answer will be everyone!

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