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Think Electric Car: What's it like?

Think Global or Th!nk from Norway have one electric car at the moment called the Think City.

The current Think City is the fifth generation of the Think electric car and is a 4 seat hatchback - and "the best-selling electric car in the world as of October 2010" (says CEO Barry Nagle)

It’s a compact car and would undeniably be great for city driving. They also have a concept car called the Think O.

Can it go on motorways and highways?

The Think City, Electric car

The Think electric car has no problem on motorways as it can get up to 100km/h. It can get 0-50km/h in 6.5 seconds.It also has a claimed range of 200 km if you're doing city driving. It obviously isn’t great for the autobahn but it’s pretty good for a 4 seat electric car!

Is it safe?

Think City electric car safetyThe one thing that Think really want to get across with the Think City is that it’s COMPLETELY SAFE. It’s the first ever EV to get the pan-European homologation certificate which means simply it does one safety test and won’t have to go through different tests in each country for safety. This should fast track the fifth generation Think City around Europe.

Think cit electric car crash test

In this test it had to do things like loads of crash tests, and has all the safety features of a state of the art ICE (internal combustion engine) car. It also had to do tests like staying submerged in saltwater with all the electrical systems running so you know it’s as safe as any other car on the market.

Where can I get one?

Think city electric carThe think City is unfortunately only available at the moment in countries like Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, and now Spain as well. Norway is the only country at the moment where you can buy them privately. They’re mostly in the ‘‘pre-launch phase’’ at the moment which means they’re going to the government and councils or for company fleets so even if you live in those countries it might be hard to get your hand on one but they should be coming out pretty soon.

There are also plans to have a manufacturing plant in the USA so the Think could be heading to the USA sometime but that could still be a long way off yet. They are approximating a price in Europe of around €20-25,000.

A great thing about Think is that they really come across as trying to make a difference. Even the car is 95% recyclable and their production facilities are completely carbon neutral which is a plus for a lot of the diehard environmentalists out there. I hope that this car becomes much more available to the public as it seems like a great all-round electric car.

Think O concept electric car

Here's a look at the Think O concept car which will give you an idea of the direction Think want to go with their next generation of cars.

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