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Electric Bicycles: Twelve Reasons for NOT Getting an Electric Bike.
Reason 6: There Are Always Problems with Batteries in Electric Bikes.

So, what are the chances of your battery lasting 25 miles one day – and only lasting 15 miles the next day. On the same terrain?

Or, maybe, just going dead? How dependable are they anyway?

Also – if my battery does die – does it cost a small fortune to replace it?

Hold on, hold on!

Firstly, it seems that battery power availability is predictable – the only exception being e.g. for NiMH batteries if you leave it lying around without being used, then the battery will discharge (An unused battery will completely discharge in 30-60 days) so you may have less juice than you thought.

electric bicycle

But ... when you have an Electric Bike, you typically have a charge indicator. When you get used to how this works, you should be able to “predict” how much charge you have left.

Are the batteries dependable? Well, it seems that you get what you pay for. Warranties for batteries vary from 6 months to 2 years.

electric bicycle

Battery lifetime depends usually on the type of battery:
  • Lead Acid have a recharge life of some 300 charges.
  • NiMH – Nickel Metal Hydride. 500 charges expected .
  • Lithium - you will get up to 600 charges out of a single battery , so many years of battery life for most people.

When it comes time to replace the battery – it typically IS EXPENSIVE. A Lithium-ion Battery pack will set you back around 300 euro ($350).

Again – you seem to get what you pay for in terms of battery reliability. The thing is, technology in this area seems to have come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. The biggest issue – I think – is the cost of a replacement battery pack. But that should come down even further.

Now, what was the next reason NOT to get a Electric bicycle?

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