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The Tesla Electric Car: Just How Good is it anyway?

The Tesla Electric Car - a roadster from Tesla Motors - has been grabbing all the headlines lately. Itís the first electric car that anyone can really see themselves driving and that can seriously be used as a pickup line (for both boys and girls!)

Is it any good?

Although I havenít got a chance to drive it, this car is absolutely anyoneís top choice for an electric car. Itís got all the performance and good looks you could want.

With acceleration of 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 125mph you canít help but smile.

It is, however, a sports car with only two seats so it is pretty impractical for my familyís needs and is a big reason for people to stick to their fuel burning cars. But for those high class, fast lane living people out there with money to burn, this is the car for you.

How do they compare to other electric vehicles and petrol/gas cars?
It's brilliant compared to most other electric vehicles out there now. It has a claimed range of 220 miles which blows every other electric car out of the water.

Compared to fuel burning cars the Tesla Roadster still shines with a massive power that can take on any performance cars and you can feel extra smug because youíre saving the environment while youíre at it!

How much?
$101,500!!! Shocking isnít it? Hopefully this price can come down once the company gets bigger but for now youíre going to have to fork up the cash big time to drive this eco-warrior.

If I had the money right now would I buy one?

To be honest I would wait for the new models due to be finished by 2011. Itís the saloon model with seating for 5 adults and two kids but to be honest I canít see where the kids are going unless you strap them to the roof! Itís kept a lot of its older brotherís good looks and still has good performance for a saloon.

Where can I get them?
There are Tesla Motors showrooms open right now in California with showrooms due to open in late June in New York, Seattle, Chicago, and Miami in the USA. There are also showrooms due to open here in Europe in London, Munich and also in Monaco.

You can order them from their headquarters in Europe or North America and can reserve a model s by calling them on the number on their website.

So - The Tesla Electric Car - exhilarating performance, exciting looks, brilliant range, but still a horrifying price.

My hot tip would be to keep an eye out for the new Tesla Model S.

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