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The Tango Electric Car: It has George Clooneys seal of approval!

The Tango electric car is made by Commuter Cars in the USA. It may not look a bit quirky like a lot of electric cars but this one has some bite in it!.

Most people would have heard about it as that thin electric car George Clooney drives, but a guy like George Clooney wouldnít drive a car like that for no reason!

So letís have a look at what would have persuaded the star to buy an electic powered car like the Tango T600.

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Itís as fast as any sports car.

Tango electric car, Tango T600 Thatís a fact alright, and George wouldnít have been able to deny the awesome acceleration it has. It goes from 0-60mph in about 4 seconds and has a top speed of 130mph. If he should ever feel the need to race the Tango it does a standing start ľ mile in 12 seconds and beat cars like the Tesla Electric Car and the Shelby Cobra in a drag race!

This is because of the two DC engines it has which are known for great acceleration and deliver over 1,000 ft-lbs of torque which is enough to rip the tarmac off the road!

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It can find a park anywhere.

Tango electric car, Tango T600The car is only 39Ē wide and 8í5Ē long so it can even park perpendicularly to the curb like a motor bike. Commuter Cars even say that you can fit 4 Tangos side by side in a regular parking space!

Itís cheap.

Tango electric car, Tango T600
No that oneís definitely not true. The Tango electric car starts at about $108,000 and it comes to you partly assembled. This one comes with the basic lead-acid battery pack and the DC motors.

There could be a cheaper mass production model on the way called the T200 but all there is now is a survey and a waiting list. So it may be cheap for George but not for us mere mortals!

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Itís got great range.

Tango electric car, Tango T600This is true and it isnít. The range on the car varies from 40 to 200 miles. It all depends on what batteries you get. The lead acid could get you between 40 and 60 miles but you could also get Li-ion batteries which could take you up to the 200 mark.

You can also get a generator trailer to tow along behind the car for long trips but I think that would be defeating the purpose of an all-electric car.

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Itís safe.

Tango electric car, Tango T600You might think that thereís no way that this car could keep all its wheels on the ground going around a corner but you probably also thought it could never go as fast as 130mph too!

Surprisingly, probably because of the 2000lb weight of the batteries on the floor this car is more stable than most cars around. It handles very well and there is even a few videos on youtube and on the Commuter Cars website where you can see it stick to the track where other cars almost flip over and go on two wheels.

It comes with a roll cage just in case it does ever flip though and has four times the amount of bars in the door that an average SUV would.

This car seems to me to be a great car if you have the money. The Tango electric car is very customisable with the option of what batteries you want for the desired range and the option of using an AC motor too and you even get to choose from different companies for the motor and batteries.

I think this would be a great car for those in the city who need a small car - but still love driving and speed. It would also be great for everyone else who lives in the country if they can afford the better batteries.

Tango electric car, Tango T600Iíd buy one straight away if I had the money but since itís only a two seater itís not very practical for a family but, then again, if you have that kind of money to throw around you probably have enough for a second electric car!

So my verdict is itís perfect for George Clooney, it might be for you (if you have the cash) but itís not for me!

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