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Smith Electric Vehicles: Who said trucks couldn't be green?

Smith electric vehicles don’t have a car or vehicle for my family but they’re extremely interesting nonetheless.

They have a range of vans, a minibus and even trucks, and yes they’re ALL-ELECTRIC! I never thought it was possible to have an all-electric truck but these guys have done it!

Smith Electric Vehicles are a British company and all their range is available in the UK now. They‘ve been making electric vehicles for over 80 years and started off making milk floats so they’ve come a long way since then.

Have a look at what they have to offer:

The Vans

You can get two types of vans, an Ampere or an Edison. The Edison is available as a panel van, a chassis cab, or a minibus. The Edison is based on a Ford Transit and the Ampere is based on a Ford Transit connect which is a smaller version of the Transit.

Smith Ampere, Smith Electric Vehicles

The Ampere has a top speed of 70mph, a range of 100 miles and a payload of up to 800kg. It uses a 50kW electric motor and li-ion iron phosphate batteries (Li Fe PH4).

Smith Edison, Smith Electric Vehicles The Edison’s have a top speed of 50mph, a range of 100 miles and a payload of up to 1220kg. The Edison’s range from 3.5T to 4.6T gross vehicle weight (GVT) and they have a range of options like if you need a high roof or not and what size wheelbase or deck length you want (how much space you need to carry things). The minibus seats 15 people and is a version of the Edison. They all have a 90kW AC induction motor with regenerative braking. They also use li-ion iron phosphate batteries (Li Fe PH4).

The Trucks

Smith Edison, Smith Electric Vehicles The trucks are called the Smith Newton. They’re based on an Avia truck and come in a range of bodies. You can buy one with no body, a refrigerated one, a simple box body, or an aerodynamic body. They also come in a range of sizes. You can get a 7.5T, 10T or 12T truck and all with various lengths to choose from. They use a 120kW AC induction motor and regenerative braking too. With the batteries you get a choice between Li-ion Iron Phosphate or Sodium Nickel Chloride Zebra Z5 batteries.

Smith Edison, Smith Electric Vehicles Smith Electric Vehicles say their vans and trucks will accelerate faster than their diesel powered equivalents, which isn’t too fast anyway but it’s still something!

To me these trucks and vans have all the right ingredients to make really quality electric vehicles. They have great motors and batteries, and are based on very well made vehicles like Ford. I think it’s great what they managed to do and I think all people who use vans or trucks in a city should be already using these or at least seriously considering switching to electric.

Many businesses are cashing in on the good publicity and savings they can make by buying one of these vans or trucks. Courier companies like DHL and TNT have bought one and many other businesses like Sky TV, Sainsburys and even the Royal Mail in England have one.

I just hope they all think about adding a few more electric vehicles to their enormous fleets in the future.

They also now have a factory in the USA and they should be available there very soon so watch out.

Smith Electric Vehicles

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