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Electric Vehicles Resources.

The following are links to websites related to electric vehicles that I have found very informative and useful. I hope you will find them equally valuable.

EV Driven A place where you can quickly find all the different news and opinions you need from all different Electric Vehicle websites.

EV world An online newspaper with up to date news on all things electric.

Extra Energy This is a brilliant magazine by Extra Energy which is free to download. In it you find 47 test reports of actual pedelecs and e-bikes and much more information

Goeco This is a great (and i'm proud to say they're Irish) site that sells all-electric bicycles, scooters and cars. They don't stop there though as they feel it's their duty to lobby the government for whatever they can do to help electric vehicles in Ireland which I really respect.

Go Electric Drive A very well put together information site on plug-in electric vehicles.

Green Power Greenpower is dedicated to promoting engineering and technology as careers to students aged 9-25 in any form of full or part-time education. This is achieved through unique hands-on projects to design, build and race an electric car.

Home Power magazine Since 1987, Home Power magazine has been the leading renewable energy information source for end-users and professional alike. Topics include solar, wind, and hydro-electricity, solar hot water, energy efficient building, clean transportation technologies, and much more.

Marketing Green Being green with a business point of view.

Mother Earth News The place to go if you want to make the rest of your life more enviromentaly friendly.

My Electric Fly Robert Weekley's electric firefly project. A great site showing the conversion of a car from gas to electric and lots more.

Peak Energy Read this blog for a critical look at energy use in the world.

Revenge of the electric car This is officially a blog for a new movie called revenge of the electric car but it's really much more than that. It has some great info on new events in the electric car world and some brilliant reviews on the cars too. Definitely worth checking out.

Working Minds / Solutions / Alternative-Fuel Vehicles and Mass Transit Info, news and links about cutting-edge electric-powered and hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles, as well as people-powered vehicles and mass transit and other options

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