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Other All-Electric Vehicles: What Else Is Out There?

Now, I must admit - my search for the ideal electric vehicle for my family (Mother, Father, ME, Sister, 1 dog and 2 cats) was originally limited to Electric Cars, Scooters and Bicycles. But then I decided - in for a penny, in for a pound.

I want to look at other all-electric vehicles. What's available now? What will be available shortly? Is there something here that I just haven't thought about yet?

Electric Boats

Electric Boats have a strong following and are getting more popular by the day. Solar powered boats are doing some amazing things like circumnavigating the globe!

Smith Newton

I also want to write about interesting electric vehicles that I wouldn't drive but is still very interesting like electric trucks or vans. Smith Electric Vehicles are one company that make electric trucks and vans that I looked at.

Electric Skateboard
Electric Skateboards are another form of electric transport that put an kick into an already cool thing. They wont take over from your car anytime soon but they might end up taking all your free time as they're extremely addictive!

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