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You can get plenty of information over the internet today but when it comes to electric vehicles things change very fast and there's a lot of rumours and myths out there!

That's why the best information you can get is straight from the source. When I really thought about it the one thing that this site was missing was interviews.

Going to shows and test driving electric cars really gives you an opportunity to meet some interesting and important people, who you learn a lot from. So I thought why not start taking notes and do some proper interviews with these people so that the readers on this site can hear for themselves some of these interesting stories and great information.

So there will be plenty more interviews from the people that matter, who are the drivers of electric vehicles and the people that are making things happen right now.
I guess I'm going to have to get on with it and brush up on my inquisitive skills!

electric cars ireland Check out my interview with Paul Mulvaney, the Managing Director of ESB ecars from August 2011.

He talks all about the infrastructure rollout in Ireland for electric vehicles, how it will work compared to other countries, what he thinks needs to happen for a large scale uptake and how Ireland is up there in the lead for electric vehicles infrastructure compared to the rest of Europe.

Check back here soon as there are plenty more interviews to come to do with everything from hybrid cars to electric scooters!

Also if you know someone who you think should be interviewed for their contribution to electric vehicles or interesting story contact me or leave a comment down at the bottom of the page.

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