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Hybrid SUV: A Hybrid cars big brother.

The Hybrid SUV is quite a strange creature. On the one hand SUVís are supposed to be hated by the environmental movement. On the other hand though, it is a hybrid so it must be doing some good. I decided to take a closer look and find out a bit more.

There are plenty of people out there in a love affair with SUVís. They just canít get enough for whatever reason; the Power, Prestige, or just feeling like youíre King of the Road. But unfortunately SUVís are a guilty pleasure. They may make you feel good but they also rob from your pocket with their extortionately low MPG and pollute the earth with their dangerously high emissions.

The majority of drivers would jump at the chance of an improvement in both these things.

hybrid suv

So here comes the Hybrid SUV to the rescue. They may not get anywhere close to what a smaller hybrid car could achieve but they are better than a regular SUV. Until an all electric SUV is commercially available then people will jump at the chance of a hybrid SUV.

Many people may find a hybrid SUV a contradiction. SUVís are the cars that were hated by the green movement. People seen driving an SUV through a city were given the evil eyes and sometimes a lot more! So a hybrid SUV can be their chance to show that they do care, even if it may be only seen as a token contribution.

hybrid suv
I have to admit though that there are some people out there who need the space and capabilities of an SUV, and a hybrid would help them out quite a bit. If you run a business with one or two or more SUVís then the savings in fuel could be a big boost.

The problem though is the up-front cost of a hybrid. It has to be said that the difference in cost of hybrid SUVís compared to their regular counterparts is pretty significant. If youíre thinking of getting a hybrid just for the savings in fuel then you may be put off by this price as it could take quite a while with many SUVís to get your moneyís worth.

The majority of hybrid SUVís also lose their off-road capabilities if they had any to begin with. Because of changes to aerodynamics, ride height, tyres and wheels, you get a higher efficiency but it really means you would be bound to get yourself stuck if you tried to do some off-roading.

I remember one of the first hybrid cars I ever saw was the Lexus 400h. I remember it pulling out from a parking spot in pure silence and I thought that that is what a real luxury car should sound like! The Lexus 450h and 400h are available here in Europe but most if you really want a choice for your hybrid SUV, you need to go to the USA.

hybrid suv

Most of the big American SUVís now have a hybrid model available for the people who feel they need the space and power of such a large car, but also feel a bit guilty about it too! The GMC Yukon or the Ford Escape is just an example of the big American names that have decided that their gas guzzlers need a bit of ďgreeningĒ.

Even the Cadillac Escalade, the symbol of American excess now has a hybrid version.

It seems like these SUVís are here to stay too. Although they come nowhere near to the sales of the Prius, they still make up a large portion of the hybrid car market.

hybrid suv It seems too though that this hybrid technology may just be the large Auto manufacturers trying to clutch back the dying SUV sales by trying to make them more environmentally friendly. They have been making SUVís for years and have been making plenty of money off them too. Now that the writings on the wall for the oversized SUV they are trying anything they can to help ride out the environmental phase instead of fully changing.

What they should be doing is realising that these cars are obese and unhealthy and working on that issue first, not just trying to patch up the problem by sticking a hybrid system in there.

To be honest I definitely wonít be getting one anytime soon.
  • First off the price is so large that you really need to have deep pockets to buy one.
  • Second, compared to electric cars or plug-in hybrids they just seem so uneconomical.

hybrid suv They may do a great job of getting a better mpg from an SUV but unless you have a real practical need for an SUV, youíre only kidding yourself into thinking youíre making a difference!

So a hybrid SUV could be a brilliant thing in the right context and itís definitely a step in the right direction but when itís just driven for style or status then itís really nothing more than a poser.

If you want to check out an electric vehicle that definitely has knows its purpose then have a look at this 4x4 electric truck.

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