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Fastest Electric Sports Car and Motorbikes (including hybrids): Which High Performance Cars and Motorcycles are out there?

The typical picture of an electric car is one that looks like a egg-carton and goes like a tortoise! In this section I'm going to look at the fastest and prettiest cars. The only problem is how old will I be before I can afford an electric sports car?

So, "Fast" and Electric Car don't sound like they hang together but electric motors have excellent torque characteristics for getting a vehicle moving. The problem is keeping up the performance and getting a decent range.

Right - because we're dealing with stuff that we drool over, the fatsest electric cars around!!! - I've decided to include stuff that's already on the road, stuff that has a couple of years to come out AND stuff that someone made in their own backyard but really looks the part.

The Tango 600 - This is the first exotic (!!!) Electric sports car off the blocks. Available now. Famous for George Clooney owning one. While it may look beyond weird in a squashed sort of way, you might also notice that it goes from 0 - 60 MPH in 4 SECONDS.

One second, they are all laughing at you at the lights - and the next - WAS THAT A UFO??? It could'nt be a car - no exhaust roar!

The Tesla Roadster - Powered by thousands of laptop batteries. It might not go forever (50 - 200 miles in a charge) OR not be the cheapest car around (100,000 euro in Europe) - BUT it can go from 0 -60MPH in 3.8 SECONDS!!! That's Ferrari ++ speed. And look at those sweet looks.

Woops - HOW did that get in here???? Well, it might help us appreciate the serious good looks of some of the other electric sports cars.

Looks like we're entering SERIOUS James Bond Territory here. The Electric Lightning GT moves like lightning - but more importantly - it LOOKS the part. This is the UK's answer to the Tesla electric sports car with an Aston Martin styling. 0-60mph in 4 seconds (there seems to be a thing with 4 second acceleration and Electric Cars!) Now available to - ahem! - pre-order. Hopefully available in spring 2012!

The Audi R8 is an extreme sports car which now has an electric sports car brother called the R8 e-tron. With acceleration of 0-100km/h in 4.8s and a crazy 4,500Nm of torque this is one electric car that will literally eat up the road. This will hopefully be available sometime in 2013 although maybe in a different style.

See a video of the e-tron at the 2011 Dublin motor show below.

Ferrari hybrid This is the Ferrari 599 HY-KERS which is unfortunately only a concept hybrid which was first shown at the Geneva motr show in 2010. Ferrari are now here to balance out all the boring hybrids which have gone before with some cool Italian style and power. Apparently electric motor alone is rated at 100hp which would start when you need to overtake or accelerate. It can even be used on electricity alone if you want, although its range is unknown and probably low, but who cares when you're in a Ferrari!

Porsche hybridPorsche is another great sports car maker with a hybrid supercar on the way. This 918 hybrid gets a claimed 98mpg. It's a plug in hybrid and has an E-drive mode where you can get 16 miles running on electricity alone. The amazing part though is the 500hp engine with two motors giving 250hp each aswell. That's an incredible ammount of power when you add it up!

The All-Electric Mini. I always liked the look of this car - and now there is an Electric Version. Only a few, mind you - about 500 - and only on lease. The mark 1 version did 0-60MPH in about 4 secs. So, that's serious performance in my book!

And finally - for now - if you want to see what EVs are really capable of, let's go away from production. The US National Electric Drag Racing association (Nedra) is 10 years old and has been hosting Drag racing for EVs all that time. This pic shows Dennis "Kilowatt" Berube with Current Elimator - he did 8.10 Seconds @ 153.6 mph!!! Forget the Tesla, these truly are the fastest electric cars around.

Finally, finally - have to mention KillaCycle - the fastest electric vehicle of all time - who did the quarter mile in 7.8 seconds!

Right - that's it for now - come back soon to see more wild and exotic Electric Vehicles.

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