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GEM Electric Car: Are NEVs for me?

The GEM electric car is a neighbourhood electric vehicle (NEV). GEM is part of the American carmakers Chrysler (who have hit hard times recently) and made their first electric vehicle in 1998 and has been going ever since.

All the cars in the range look the same really with only the amount of seats changing or if it has a flatbed at the back and to be honest that look isn’t the best in the first place so I’ve no idea why they kept repeating it!

What’s an NEV?

A neighbourhood electric vehicle (NEV) is an American term for an electric car designed for low speed use on roads usually with a speed limit of 35mph or lower. They are fully road legal but don’t come with airbags and things such as ‘‘hard doors’’ are optional.

What’s available?

gem electric carThey have a large range of electric powered cars at GEM compared to most electric car makers. Here are the electric powered cars available now:
  • GEM e2 – A two seater starting at $7,395.

  • GEM e4 – A four seater starting at $10,295.

  • GEM e6 – A six seater which could be used a sort of mini bus. Prices start at $12,995.

  • GEM eS - A two seater with a 39" x 48" flat bed with a 330 pound cargo capacity. Prices start at $8,495.

  • GEM eL – Like the eS but with 70" x 48" flat bed with a 700 pound cargo capacity. Prices start $10,195.

  • GEM eL XD – The same as the eL but with a 1,100 pound cargo capacity. Prices start at $11,495.

gem electric car

They all have a range of 30 miles with the exception of the GEM e2 which goes 35 miles and the eL XD which has a range of 40 miles per charge. They all have a top speed of 25 mph in ‘‘high mode’’ and only 15 mph in ‘‘low mode’’. Those ranges and top speeds tell you more about what the cars are intended for than I could ever describe myself!

What do I get for my money?

First off there’s no air conditioning in any of the cars but you can have some fans put in if you want! Many of the things you take for granted in a normal car are either optional or completely unavailable in this car. Even something as simple as the passenger side wing mirror is optional. What you do get for your money is a good reputation and very low running costs which is great for a business and the average person.

Are they suitable for you?

The GEM cars are mainly used in places like large resorts, colleges or campuses, airports or security. They can also be used in city centres with low speed limits or in large estates. They are really run around cars for a busy person in a large business or a leisurely person who has to travel small distances.

gem electric carBasically these cars look like done up golf carts or a futuristic horse carriage! The smaller versions like the GEM electric car e2 would feel very much out of place in the city or an estate unless it's a low emissions zone which would keep some of the bigger cars and trucks out, especially if you have to deal with some of the monster sized cars that most people have jostling for space with you!

I can imagine most people feeling very vulnerable in a car like this and think it would be much better off in resorts and off the public roads. They are, however, all electric vehicles and I have to applaud them for getting some of the gas guzzlers off the roads!

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