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All Electric Vehicles: Frequently Asked Questions

When I started to look at electric vehicles for the first time, I was already into standard cars (looking at them - as I only drove a 50cc Honda Moped).

There were many, many questions going through my head in an effort to find the best all-electric vehicle for my family.

The big question was where do I start!

Future Electric Car But the more I looked, the more I realised there were many questions to be answered (as well as many electric vehicles to be test-driven - the fun part!).

So here is my collection of questions and answers (my dad said to make sure I pointed people in the direction of the - disclaimer page regarding my answers - I think he's a frustrated lawyer - only kidding Dad, don't sue me!).

I'll be adding more and more questions and answers as my trip continues in finding the best all-electric vehicle for me and my family.

What is an All-Electric Vehicle?
Tango T600 George Clooney An all-electric vehicle is a bike, car, boat or anything that gets you from A to B using ONLY electricity to power it. Theyíre the next step up from hybrid cars which burn fuel and use electricity combined. They mainly get their electricity from various types of batteries but can also get it from fuel cells or a generator like a solar panel and can also gain electricity using regenerative braking which gives you electricity back every time you brake.

They are definitely the way of the future with the huge price of oil lately and the fact that we could easily run out of it in the near future. They have zero emissions so are fully environmentally friendly, which I think everyone appreciates these days as itís all over the news and itís becoming more and more obvious that we need to change our ways. So this is a perfect way to do it!

What TYPES of All-Electric Vehicles are out there?
Vectrix Electric Scooter

In short - whatever you see moving around you - there is usually an all-electric equivalent. Everything from cars to vans to milk floats to skateboards to mountain bikes!

I have included sections on Electric Cars, Electric Scooters (such as the Vectrix), Electric Motorcycles and Electric Bicycles on this website.

How do Electric Vehicles work?
In most cases a lot better than you think! Go here to find out more about how Electric Vehicles work.

What Electric Vehicles are available today?
Electric Motorcycle This can be an area that takes a bit of detective work. There seems to be an AWFUL lot of hype and promises surrounding Electric Vehicles, especially Electric Cars. When you start to look at what Electric Cars, Electric Scooters, Electric Motorcycles and Electric Bicycles are REALLY available today, you might feel like holding off for a couple of years - or jumping straight in!

Where can I see or test-drive an Electric Vehicle?

Lectra VR24
Your local electric vehicle dealer can be a little difficult to flush out. I have found that Electric Bicycles are sold through SOME standard Bicycle Dealers - but Electric Motorcycles, Scooters and Cars seem to be sold through specialist distributors. Just Google what you are looking for and a local contact is VERY LIKELY to come up.

Is it a good idea to buy one now - or wait a while?
Here is my take:

Electric Bicycle New York Electric Cars - probably going to be a lot more choice and better deals from 2010 onwards.

Electric Motorcycles - as for Cars.

Electric Scooters - Lots of types available now - go for it!

Electric Bicycles - Lots of types available now - but the ones with great range and build seem to be pricey. But again, I would go for it!

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