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Electric Skateboards: Skating and saving the world at the same time!

Now I know electric skateboards arenít going to be replacing your car or even your bike anytime soon but they do have one thing going for them....theyíre unbelievably fun!

They look just like a beefed up skateboard with a remote control. You get on like any other skateboard, brace yourself and use the remote control as the throttle to power yourself away. You can even use the remote to brake.

The motors come in many different sizes that will either have you crawling along or thinking youíre going faster than you do in your car!

Electric SkateboardOK so an electric skateboard canít do all the fancy tricks of a normal one but it does have some big advantages. If you were into speed before you would have had to be going downhill to have some fun on your normal skateboard but now you can do all that no matter where you are and boost your speed where you can get the most out of it.

You can see some pictures and videos online too of some pretty unreal stuff from people who really know how to ride an these and if they arenít enough to make you want to buy one I donít know what is.

I would recommend an electric skateboard from Altered Electric Skateboards as they seem to have some quality and recommended boards. There are probably some shops around where you can try them out before hand so you know what you're getting which is always the best.

The top end ones get up to 19mph roughly which is scarily fast on a skateboard. They can go about 10 miles per charge depending on your size and where youíre skating. They are also quite expensive though as it will cost you between $300-800 depending on the model but if you buy one thats extra cheap you're going to get what you payed for. Maybe trying eBay would help you find a better deal once you know what you're looking for.

Electric Skateboard Off-road versions are also very popular and can be used on rougher terrain like grass or gravel. These have off-road wheels, a slightly different shape and usually a much more powerful motor to get you up to the speed youíre used to on the road. Most electric skateboard companies have an off-road version available from their shop.

Youíre probably going to realise after your first go that you do need to be careful when riding these. When youíre riding an electric skateboard you would definitely want to be wearing a helmet and pads as coming off a skateboard at 20mph is no joke!

Electric Skateboard The most positive thing I can see about these is that the people who own one will swear by them and are always looking for a more powerful one (which can have its downsides like the price). When you see people so passionate about electric skateboards you know there has to be something special about them.

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