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Find out about what keeps your fast electric scooter moving!

So if you’re looking for a replacement, upgrade or just want to know about electric scooter batteries in general then you’ve come to the right place!

Batteries are what powers electric vehicles and having the right battery can make or break them. There are plenty of other components that make up an electric scooter but the battery is where the energy comes from and gives freedom to the electric scooter. You wouldn't get too far if you had to keep your scooter plugged into a wall when your driving around!

I decided to split this up into two sections with the top half of the page dealing with the smaller stand-up electric scooters and the bottom half with the larger road legal electric scooters.

Stand-up electric scooters

electric scooter batteriesThe majority of stand-up electric scooters use sealed lead acid batteries to power your scooter. These are cheap and easily available as they usually use two 12V batteries.

The big problem with lead acid batteries is that their energy to weight ratio is very poor compared to any other batteries out there. That means you need a pretty HEAVY battery to get you any decent range. The other problem is the charge time is usually much higher than other batteries.

So if you’re considering something more powerful you might want to try one of these:

electric scooter batteriesNiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) is a much more powerful battery than lead acid which means either a much smaller, lighter battery to get you the same distance as a lead acid battery, or, if you think you can afford it just go for one the same size and go much further for longer!

The charge time on your electric scooter would be MUCH lower if you added a NiMH battery to your electric scooter. As most people would probably charge their scooters overnight this might not make a huge difference to you but the other positives still apply.

A downside to the NiMH batteries is their price which is substantially higher than the lead acid batteries as they are much less common. A plus is that the NiMH batteries are much more environmentally friendly than the lead acid batteries as they can be recycled easier.

electric scooter batteriesLi-ion (Lithium-ion), the same batteries that power your laptop and the Tesla Roadster, is also another good choice if you want to go all out on your electric scooter batteries. They are another notch up on the price scale again compared to the NiMH batteries and you need to consider if they are something you really need on your scooter. The charge time and the distance that you can get from these is on another level compared to the lead acid but the price is too!

If you need replacement electric scooter batteries then there are plenty of competitive companies out there willing to take your business! Most have a model selection where you can pick the model of scooter you have at the moment and they can find you the batteries you need.

Electric scooters

Most of the same rules for the electric scooter batteries still apply for the bigger road legal electric mopeds, however there are a few differences.

Lead-acid is still very common although if they don’t get you far on a small stand up scooter then they won’t get you anywhere near as far on one of these.

The EVT 4000e and the EVT 168 which I reviewed in Green Machines in Dublin both use Lead-Acid batteries although they use twice as much as a stand up electric scooter.

A larger electric scooter like the Vectrix uses NiMH batteries and they seem to work well with it as it has a range of 110km and a charge time of 2.5 hours.

Of course lithium batteries would always be anyone’s top choice at the moment, however they also cost a considerable amount compared to other batteries.

electric scooter batteriesI think when you buy an electric scooter that you really wouldn’t be travelling too far on it as they are by nature a lot less powerful than electric motorcycles and would usually be bought to save money instead of buying a car. So then going out and burning all your hard earned cash on expensive batteries doesn’t make too much sense.

Battery technology is moving at a very fast rate at the moment as electric transport becomes more popular all the time, so hopefully more manufacturers will be introducing the top of the line batteries as greater advances are made and the “line” moves higher again.

So in the end with batteries it really comes down to figuring out what you need for your particular situation and also what you’re willing to pay because if you want the top notch batteries you have to pay a top notch price!

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