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Electric Mountain Bike
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Before I get to the electric mountain bike, electric bicycles are becoming very popular and are becoming many peopleís modes of transport. I own one which I use to get to college most days and many people use one to make their commute to work which might be too hard to do on a regular bicycle.

However there is another reason people are using electric bicycles and thatís to tackle hills and mountainous areas like park trails. For example if you went to a park thereís usually a nice easy path which most people take and you donít really get to see much. Most people will take this on their bicycles but then thereís always that rugged trail leading off which seems to call out but you know your legs will collapse before you even get a quarter of the way up on a regular bicycle!

Electric Mountain Bike Thatís where the electric mountain bike comes in. Instead of standing on the pedals putting your full weight down and still getting nowhere (which anyone who cycles will have experienced sometime) you just flick a switch and suddenly itís like youíve just grown a mountain bikers legs and you go flying up the hill like youíve done this all your life.

Some people might think that this is just cheating but really itís not. Without the electric assist you might make it a couple of metres up a steep slope before you have to push and maybe a few more the next day. But with an electric mountain bike you can cover a huge distance and reach the heights you always wanted to reach. The next time you go out you can go even further and still be exercising.

If all you want is a workout then you can go to the gym but if you want to be outdoors and seeing nature then the electric mountain bike is for you. I think even an experienced cycler would always want to go a bit further or a bit higher and this is your chance!

Electric Mountain Bike Well there are a few differences between what you would want out of a normal electric bicycle and an electric mountain bike. The main difference is that for a mountain bike you would want to have pedal assist instead of just twisting a throttle like a moped, although this is used on a few electric mountain bikes.

The motor also needs to have a lot of torque to get you up those steep hills. The whole point of the electric bike is to save some of your energy and help you along on the tough parts to let you reach heights and distances you would have never reached with your regular mountain bike. You also need suspension and a lot of gears if youíre really going steep.

Electric Mountain Bike

The Optibike

This is a top of the range electric mountain bike which also unfortunately comes with a top of the range price. The 850R starts at $12,000 or Ä8,870! For that however you can get a range of 57 miles and a possible top speed of 34mph+.

Electric Mountain Bike

The Electric Goat Forrest Glider
This has a 20 mile electric range with a 20mph top speed. The electrics of the bike are completely invisible as its motor is in the seat post and the battery is under the seat. So if you want to have an electric bike but want to take the credit yourself then this bike is perfect! It costs around Ä2700

Electric Mountain Bike

The Urban Mover Motion
This is a slightly cheaper alternative to the other bikes. It costs Ä1000 at the moment from Halfords online. It can reach a max speed of 15mph and a range of 20 miles.

Electric Mountain Bike

The Stealth Bomber
This is a SERIOUS electric bicycle. Made in Australia it looks like it could crush the outback! It has a top speed of 80km/h (50mph) and a range of up to 80 km (50 miles). It comes with dual suspension to conquer all terrain.

So there are some amazing electric mountain bikes out there at the moment for all types.

I think it really depends on how much youíre willing to pay for one because as you can see the prices get as steep as the hills they can climb!

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