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Electric Cars: Which Electric Powered Car is Best?

Now, I must admit – I first got attracted to the idea of Electric Cars when I saw the Tesla Electric Car for sale.

I was a bit of a car nut (and still am) and when I saw it can accelerate HOW FAST? (0-60mph in under 4 secs.) – it certainly got my attention.

Since then, I started the search for the perfect Electric vehicle for my family (you can read more about us here and our journey to a greener transport lifestyle).

I must admit I got VERY CONFUSED, VERY QUICKLY when it came to figuring out all about Electric powered Cars!

Tesla electric car

We can talk all we want about Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters and so on .... but for most people .... Electric Cars are where it's at!

But, when I started to dig a bit deeper – there seemed to be all sorts of LIMITATIONS around Electric Powered Cars.

Such as ....

Electric car, Lightning GT’s a great looking sports car ... but it’ll cost you a whole lot of dollars (or euro where I come from) – and you’ll have to queue up!

Electric cra, Old

OR ... here’s another one – I know it’s PLUG UGLY – but you’ll feel all good about being green!

Electric car, Future

AND ... This car, it gives you everything ... do you want one? Sorry, you’ll have to wait about 10 years until we start MAKING THEM!

Electric car, ugly

OR ... this one is SO CHEAP ... but it won’t GO UP HILLS and you'll probably need to recharge it 10 times a DAY!

ARGHHH! - so – where do the PROMISES AND SCIENCE FICTION end? And the TRUTH BEGIN????

Right – HERE IS MY snapshot of the “Truth” about Electric Powered Cars at the moment....

- What is an Electric Car Anyway?
Electric Cars are divided into a few different types:

Wind Turbine

- What do Electric Cars Promise?
Let’s start with the biggie – a greener, gas-free future!

The “theory” is that they are emission-free and can run on “clean electricity”.

So far, so good!

- What DON’T Electric Powered Cars Promise (at the moment anyway)?

I’m afraid there is a bit of a list here at the moment:

  1. Proven and reliable battery technology
  2. An infrastructure for recharging (speed of “refilling” and place for “refilling”)
  3. A wide range of models.
  4. Cars that can travel between cities (they are mostly for “neighbourhood” jaunts – with limits of 50 – 100 miles).
  5. That the supplier company won’t go bust any week now – they are mostly supplied and distributed by small companies (but that is due to change afte 2011).
  6. A good price – they are usually a WAY more expensive than standard autos, even with government subsidies thrown in.

But many of the above changing by the month.

Electric car, plug-in hybrid, how electric vehicles work

- How do they work anyway?

Have a look here to find out more about how Electric Cars work?

Tango Electric Car

- Which Electric Cars are For Sale Now?

Have a look here for Electric Cars for sale - now and in the near future.

Zap Electric car, Zap alias

- How are Electric Cars designed?

Have a look here for more on Electric Car design.

Mitsubishi MiEV, Electric car

- What does the future of Electric Cars look like?

Have a look here for more on the History and Future of Electric Cars like the Ford Focus BEV.

Solar Electric car

- Are there any Solar Electric Cars out there?

Have a look here for more on a Solar Electric Car.

Now – it’s time for me to get myself behind the wheel of an Electric Car. Do come back for more on the results of my test drives and verdicts – and which Electric Vehicles are the best for me and my family at the moment.

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