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Electric Car Motors: Need to know more?

This is for all the people who have to know all they can about their electric cars, or those who want a start into thinking about converting their car, or even for someone who wants to just look smart when their chatting to friends in the pub!

What types of electric car motors are there?

There are a few types of electric motors out there now:

electric car motors-DC series wound electric motor.

electric car motors -Permanent magnet DC motor.

electric car motors -Three phase AC induction motor.

electric car motors -Wheel hub motors.

What are the most popular?

AC motors are most commonly used in the factory built electric cars as they are much harder and more expensive to install.

electric car motorsDC motors would be the most popular with the DIY enthusiasts converting their own cars, with the series wound motor being the most popular DC motor.

Wheel hub motors are really more of an experimental thing in electric cars at the moment but they are supposed to become very big in the future, with the Lightning GT set to have them.

Whatís really the best?

The best would have to be the AC three phase electric motor. They can handle hills a lot better than the DC motors and can keep going at a respectable speed whereas the DC motors just give great acceleration. Itís a brushless motor so thereís no worry about anything wearing.

Itís also much less complicated to add regenerative braking, and regenerative means more energy saved so more range. Another advantage is if youíre thinking of a conversion then it would be much easier on your transmission compared to the DC.

How do they work?

electric car motors

The DC motor system works by when you put your foot down on the accelerator a potentiometer tells the DC controller how much voltage to give to the DC motor and that controls the power of the motor.

electric car motors
The AC system works pretty much the same but requires a lot more things like six times the amount of transistors to change the DC voltage from the battery to AC, and it gets kind of hard to explain simply!

Electric motors are a pretty hard concept to understand for someone who never heard of them before. I just finished secondary school and I remember spending many classes just learning how the basic AC and DC motors work!
But there's no real need for you to know why electric car motors work, you just need to know the advantages and disadvantages.

This definitely isnít the most technical information you could get. Thereís plenty more advice out there, especially on the internet.
I have to warn you though if youíre not careful you could spend days going through the technical aspects and not end up learning anything useful, so watch out!

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