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Electric Car Conversion: Converting an ICE vehicle to an all electric vehicle can sometimes be your only choice.

I genuinely admire someone who has done an electric car conversion. It sets them apart from the pack and shows that they are ready to go the extra mile for electric cars. That they are not just going to sit around and wait for the right electric powered car to come to them. They take the initiative and create something to set themselves free from a reliance on the internal combustion engine. And no they're not all just mad inventors! You can see some of the conversions by other visitors to this site too and maybe even submit your own at the bottom of this page.

Now that there are more electric cars available from manufacturers you donít seem to hear as much about electric car conversion anymore. But just a couple of yearís back it was one of the FEW options you had.

electric car conversion You could either buy a car that could go up to 50 miles without needing to recharge, for a LOT of money. Or you could give it a go yourself and build an electric car and spend a lot less money to get close to the same performance.

If you really knew what you were doing you could even outdo anything you could buy commercially, plus have the style of car that you really wanted, like an old Porsche or VW Beetle.

These days electric cars that you can buy from new are getting much better like the Nissan Leaf or the Tesla Roadster but they are still quite pricey and there arenít many options.

electric car conversion You have two choices if you want to convert a car to run on electricity. You could go to a specialist who can convert it for you, OR you can roll up your sleeves and build an electric car yourself.

If you do decide to convert a ďgas guzzlerĒ to a clean, mean, green, all-electric machine then you have some major advantages.

For one most of the parts that you need for an electric car conversion are widely available! Electric motors have been powering most things for years so finding the pieces to put in your electric car wonít be too hard. Forklifts are a common thing to take a motor for your car from and the cheaper lead-acid batteries can be found in many places.

electric car conversion There are quite a few companies out there which dedicate themselves fully to selling everything you need to build an electric vehicle so you donít need to spend your life at a scrap yard to get everything you want! Some will even sell a kit with everything you need to perform an electric car conversion in one bundle including.

Electric vehicle enthusiasts are also well known to support each otherís projects and ambitions. There are plenty of friendly forums and clubs out there where you could find all the advice you need to give you a helping hand with your electric car plans.

The things you need to decide on for an electric car conversion are the motor, batteries, controller and the car youíre converting.

electric car conversion Lead-acid batteries are the most popular for conversions as they are the cheapest, however they also carry the least energy, giving you the least range.

There are quite a few types of electric motors to choose from too and it all depends on what sort of car you want and how much money you have in your pocket! The controller is the part that regulates the flow of energy between the batteries and the motor.

For all these parts if you want better quality and higher speed and range youíre going to have to pay for it!

The donor car has to be considered as well in your electric car plans as you need to know if it can take the weight of the amount of batteries needed, or if there is room for them. If you want to make sure you get the most range possible you need to make sure the design is suitable, if itís aerodynamic and light it will go a lot further.

All these parts for the electric car conversion will usually cost a lot up front with most conversions costing about $6,000 on average and sometimes a HELL of a lot more. The silver lining is all the cheap electricity you can use to run your car and the possibility for that electricity to come from clean sources such as solar or wind power.

The huge advantages of an electric car are, barely any moving parts, which means very low running costs and the only thing you will probably need to replace is the batteries every 3-4 years.

Usually what you will end up with after performing an electric car conversion is an electric car you know inside out and are extremely proud of no matter what its problems may be!

electric car conversion You will have broken free of the need for a gas guzzler with your own two hands and what can make you feel more independent or happier than that?

The main thing about any sort of DIY is that it doesn't actually stand for Do It Yourself. I think it means learn from others then do it yourself. Nobody just picks up some tools and becomes a master builder, they need other peoples experiences to learn from.


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