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Electric Bicycles: Twelve Reasons for NOT Getting an Electric Bike.
Reason 3: Electric Bikes are Too Ugly.

This is one area that, at first glance, is hard to argue with.

I know that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” ... BUT ... it seems to me that all kinds of Electric Vehicles, including Electric Bicycles ... are suffering from a lack of “Kerb Appeal”.

The other thing that you notice fairly quickly is that they tend to get prettier the more you pay.

Especially when you pay loads more.

When I look at all of the Electric Bicycles I see - from a teenagers point of view, I see lots of bikes that were built by engineers – but also STYLED by engineers.

Finally, although when you pay more you seem to get better styling – the styling never seems to get better than JUST OK.

So, let’s do a test:

First, Ladies and Gentlemen .... in the UGLY corner:

electric bicycle electric bicycle

Next, I give you the OK Looking Corner:

electric bicycle electric bicycle

And Finally .... the WHAT A BEAUTY! Corner:

electric bicycle electric bicycle

OK! OK! I cheated. I KNOW that the Tesla Electric Car as well as the Lightning Electric car are not of the two-wheeled variety ... but ... SEE WHAT I MEAN when it comes to seriously GOOD LOOKING Wheels!

Conclusion: Most of the beauty seems to be the BEAUTY OF THE ENGINEERING when it comes to Electric Bicycles.

Now, what was the next reason NOT to get a Electric bicycle?

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