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Electric Bicycles: Twelve Reasons for NOT Getting an Electric Bike.
Reason 2: Electric Bikes are Too Expensive.

Again – too expensive compared with what?

Compared with my weekly pay for one thing – A WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!

So – How much is an Electric Bicycle Now? ..... And How much Value do they REALLY offer?

Let’s start by comparing them with bicycles. I can pick up a very good Mountain Bike where I live for about 350 euro.

electric bicycleCan I get an electric bike for the same amount?

Just barely about!

And that would be a cheap Chinese import that is badly made and might break down at any time.

electric bicycle

Now let’s move up along the scale: I come to the Powacycle Salisbury and Windsor – I can get my hands on a new one of these for about 850 euro. The thing is though – it looks in my eyes like a granny-bike (sorry, granny!) which I suppose makes sense when you see that the main target market for Powacycle is the over 50s.

electric bicycle

If I move up to another bike that looks the part (just about) for me – I come to the Pedelectric 4M – this is about 1100 euro.

electric bicycle

However, if I want to go to my dream bike – one that looks cool , drives well – the Kalkhoff pro-Connect – it will set me back about 1700 euro.

So, if I am a normal bike rider and I am looking for an affordable electric bike – I think they will always look expensive. And I don’t think that is going to change any time soon.

The thing is – Electric bikes are really been sold to 2 types of people at the moment:
  • People who need some push to get out and about on their bikes (because of health or age)
  • People who want to replace the car for commuting – but don’t want to arrive at work or school all sweaty!

In Conclusion:
It seems to me that Electric Bikes DO have a high initial cost. I really don’t know if that cost is going to come down much anytime in the near future.

For me, getting anything that looks less (and therefore costs less) than the Kalkhoff mentioned above would not be on the cards.

So – I guess that they ARE expensive! UNLESS you compare them to car commuting costs. OR you love cycling, but your knees don’t work so good any more!

Now, what was the next reason NOT to get a Electric bicycle?

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