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Electric Bicycles: Twelve Reasons for NOT Getting an Electric Bike.
Reason 12: Electric Bikes are Just for "Golden Oldies".

I guess I COULD get into trouble for saying this - but the facts back it up:

"The customer demographic for Powacycle bikes is still broadly in the 50 plus age bracket".

Humayn A.Mughal, Chief Executive, Powacycle, UK.
When the whole Electric Bicycle was getting going - certainly in the UK and Ireland - the main target was folks who actually needed the assistance of Electric Motors to cycle.

But ... things seem to be changing all of the time.

Who are the main "targets" now and over the next few years?

electric bicycle
One of the most telling things is that while there are some obvious targets e.g. the cyclist who does not want to turn up at school or work all sweaty - I think the best example of how things are going to go is by looking at a country such as The Netherlands.

A country where there is already a high number of bicycle owners. A high number of people who ONLY use bicycles for local travel and commuting.

A country where there is a great safe infrastructure for cycling.

A nice flat country!

The following quote comes from the biggest seller of Electric Bikes in the Netherlands - Sparta - and their MD, Huub Snellen in 2008:

electric bicycle
"Again we are having a double digit growth in sales this year and it is expected to continue in 2009. The number of pedelecs sold in the Netherlands is currently growing so fast that it is undermining the sale of "normal" bikes, so that the overall sale of bikes is slowing down."

The way I see it is that electric bicycles are rapidly becoming mainstream. More rapidly where there is already a lot of cyclists and bicycle infrastructure.

Well - Electric Bikes will always offer a great way to get around with some assistance if you need it as you get older. But it looks that over the next 5 years they will get bought by all sorts of people in all sorts of countries for all sorts of reasons.

You may be asking yourself if you but a bike in 5 years time - "Should I go for the add-on electric option? Sure it's only another 10% on the price." Let's wait and see!

Now, what was the next reason NOT to get a Electric bicycle? - Actually - That's the End for Now!

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