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Electric Bicycles: Twelve Reasons for NOT Getting an Electric Bike.
Reason 7. Electric Bicycles are Cheating.

Right. This is one reason that we should be able to dispatch fairly quickly!

Here are some quotes I picked up from around the forums:

“I like the idea of electric bikes, but it feels like cheating!

electric bicycle

“In the UK, where people make most of their journeys by car, electric bikes are paradoxically regarded as ‘cheating’, whereas, presumably, a Ford Galaxy isn't.”

“We've been asked this question, more than once! But this is a silly question. If you are in a race and using an electric assist against a biker without one, that is cheating. electric bicycleBut the electric assist is not designed for racing, it is designed to make the bike more practical for everyday use. This includes easier hill climbing, reduced sweatiness when going to work, longer range, and so on. The assist is to encourage you to use the bike more often, instead of a car. In our opinion, if that means more bikes and less cars on the road. That is the opposite of cheating.”

"Ah, but isn't it cheating?" I hear muscular fitness fanatics ask. Well, yes, it might be. But electric bicycles aren't pitched at people who already cycle to work; they're aimed at the elderly, parents with young children who need to be taken to and from school, or workers who face a long or hilly commute to the office or factory.”

electric bicycleFor me – I had to ditch my pushbike when our family moved to the new neighbourhood. Just TOO many hills. If I decide to get back on a bike using an Electric Bike – then I will get more exercise than I do at the moment!

I guess if you are elderly and need a bit of a push OR have crocked knees OR need to cycle to work or school WTHOUT getting all sweaty OR would like to ditch the car but you have a longer commute (say 10 miles) – Then I don’t think electrically assisted bicycles will feel like cheating.

electric bicycle

Roll back to the start of the last century:

“Those Motor Cars are for fancy folks. A bit like cheating for me. I’ll stick with my horse and cart”!

I think the Electric Bike is a particular solution to a particular problem. If it helps to solve your problem, then it’s not cheating!

SO – It Doesn’t Bother Me!

Now, what was the next reason NOT to get a Electric bicycle?

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