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About The Electric Vehicle and Me: The search for the perfect mix of Electric Vehicles for Everyday Use.

EVT 4000 Hi there - if you've read the Electric Vehicle Homepage already you'll know that I'm nineteen, living with my Mum, Dad, sister, Dog, and 2 cats outside Cork City in Ireland.

I got my first car driving licence about two years ago and thats what led me to where I am now! I love cars and figured out that all-electric vehicles (Electric Cars, Electric Scooters and Electric Bicycles) are the way for the future.

So, I thought that I might as well get in early and figure out what's out there, how they compare with "normal" cars and bikes AND which is the best one (or, hopefully more than one) for me for the future. So, here's a little bit more about myself:

I go to college at the moment where I'm studying Mechanical Engineering. I drive a Diesel Peugot 207 at the moment which is great for what I need now but its my parents car and I'm looking forward to when I can get a car of my own!

Tesla Electric CarMy needs for an Electric Vehicle are to get me around the hilly neighbourhood I live in, to college (about 4 miles away), work (about 6 miles away) and to all of my friends houses. I'm looking for a bit of coolness and style (how about the Tesla Electric Car - in my dreams!!!) - which can be quite a challenge when you have a look at some of the Electric Vehicles I have lined up.

So, what are my current needs for getting around?

Well I think its better to look at what the solutions are:

Electric Cars.
Mega CityA car would be one of the first all-electric-vehicles that I'd think of as it could hopefully give me space to carry my family or friends to the city or the beach and has the added advantage of protecting you from the rain (and it rains a lot here!) which something like a motorbike cant do.

I'd also like some boot space as I sometimes need to carry luggage or even my dog!.

After looking around though I dont think this is going to be too easy as most of the electric cars out there seem to be about the size of a fridge.

Electric Bicycle.

Pedelectric CityI bought an electric bicycle about a year ago and I use it sometimes when the weathers good to get to college.
It's not as fun as a car but compared to a normal bicycle, there's an unbelievable difference!

Some of the hills I cycle on it are so steep i'd barely be able to walk them without taking a break but with the electric bicycle I might as well be in holland because I dont even notice them!

It does have its disadvantages though as it rains a lot here and it's also dark when I'm on my way home from college for most of the year.

So maybe using the bicycle with another vehicle could be my answer?

Electric Motorcycles.
VectrixThere are plenty electric motorcycles out there now and quite a few live up to their petrol counterparts so why not? What nineteen year old like me wouldn't want an electric motorcycle?

Electric Scooter.EVT168

I had a Honda moped for two years before and it got me everywhere I needed to go (when it started!). So maybe an electric scooter can give me what I want for now while I wait for better electric car technology to come out?

Well, that's me - keep tuned in to see how I get on in my search for the perfect mix of electric eco-transport - all without sacrificing convenience and style!!

Talk Soon, Evan.

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