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Electric scooter review: EMAX 90s.

I tried out the Emax 90s at Green Machines in Dublin following my tryouts of the EVT4000e and EVT168 electric scooters - and it turned out that thankfully it was the right size for me!

They are built by German company based in Munich which sounds good as the Germans are not known for just throwing a few parts together and hoping for the best! This is the cheapest entry level model of the e-max scooters.

It uses a Silicon Battery and they also have models which use lithium batteries available which give a much faster charging time, longer travel range and are also lighter as well - however these are not available yet but look like they will be very soon.

It is restricted to 45 km/h but Iím sure you will be able to get it derestricted and when you do they say it is possible to reach 60 km/h.

It has a two year warranty on the battery which is very good as batteries are very costly.

It can travel 45-60 km before needing to be recharged and it then takes 3-5 hours to recharge them. So this bike is really for the city and short trips only.

It also has a boost button which they say gives up to 80% more power for a short period of time which they say should get you up an incline of over 20% easily (which is 11.3 degrees - this is what is quoted but it doesn't sound right).

This isnít too great for me as there are LOTS OF HILLS around my area which go well over that so again I would really only recommend it for city driving.

It costs Ä3000 which is quite pricey and almost seems like you have to pay for your sins of using petrol for all that time. This might also have something to do with the build quality.

Maybe in a few years they will come down in price with new battery technology but you have to factor in that if you keep this bike for over a year it could really end up saving you money with the price of electricity so much lower compared to petrol.

My Verdict.
The EMAX 90s Scooter has all of the benefits of an Electric Scooter and especially for me - it is the right size (it does't bang my knees on a turn). My main problem is that I would feel very iffy about parting with Ä3000 for this bike when I could get a smaller one for 2000. I'd love if there were a second hand market in these scooters but that hasn't arrived yet.

Also, I'd have to say that the styling is not exactly for me.

So - The Emax 90s is not for me at the moment!

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