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Vectrix Electric Scooter: My Experiences and Verdict of this Electric Motorcyle.

The real star of the show when I visited Green Machines in Dublin was the Vectrix maxi-scooter which is getting a lot of publicity lately.

It is fully electric with zero emissions - yet still has AMAZING performance.

They call it a scooter but it really is a full blown bike as it has the power equivalent of a 400cc engine but has a 125cc licence requirement so is as easy as getting a moped licence.

You might notice the smile on my face as I sit on the Vectrix Electric Scooter in this picture - and this is just in the showroom!

Here are some exciting stats:
  • Max speed: 100km/h
  • Acceleration: 0-80 km/h in 6.8 sec

The Vectrix Electric Scooter is a REAL PERFORMANCE BIKE and ticks a lot of my boxes straight away. It has a good top speed so you can go pretty much anywhere without holding up traffic like you would on the electric moped!

It has great acceleration which is the same with most electric vehicles, especially bikes, but this really will fly off the mark when you pull that throttle!

It has a range of 110 km @ 40km/hr which will let you go on trips to the country or most places you need and with a full charge time of 2.5 hrs it’s easy to charge during the day between trips.

Its battery also has an estimated life of 10 years or 80,000 km which means the rest of the bike will probably start falling apart before the battery goes so you don’t have the expensive hidden battery cost.

A full charge costs only about 30 cent which is so unbelievably cheap compared to petrol costs, and they claim it will cost less than €150 a year for maintenance.

A great feature of this bike is a thing called regenerative braking. It means instead of using the normal brakes you can pull the throttle backwards and an engine goes in reverse slowing you down and putting energy back in the thirsty batteries again. You can also use this for slow reversing which is very handy if you’re not used to moving a heavy bike around (or if you’re sick of moving a heavy bike around too much!).

It comes with brembo brakes and Pirelli tires which are the best around so clearly no expense has been spared while making this bike, unlike most electric vehicles which are clearly very cheaply made.

So in the end you have no fuel only extremely low electricity costs and if you use regenerative braking you won’t need to replace brake pads, so all you really need to change is the tyres!

All this really lowers your costs, however like most electric vehicles it is expensive to buy with normal prices around €10,000.

I think until the price of the batteries comes down electric vehicles like this Vectrix are always going to be very pricey, but you do make up for the buying price with your costs in the long run so if you’re thinking of going electric I’d advise you not to get shocked by the price and think about the future savings you’re going to have.

My Verdict.
Well there's not much to say on this one. If you can afford it and don't mind driving such a big and powerful bike - this is probably the only Scooter that'l put a smile on your face! I Know it did on mine - but I'll have to figure out a way of getting a big discount first ...

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