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Electric scooter review: EVT 4000e

My Verdict of this Electric Scooter.

The EVT 4000e was the first electric scooter I tried when I visited Green Machines Electric Vehicles in Dublin in 2008.

The first thing I noticed was that it was certainly a nippy and fun scooter but seemed like it was built mainly for short distances. It was the first time I had ever used an electric vehicle (there - that's my confession over with)and I was pretty impressed as it was completely silent.

I turned the key and didn’t even notice that it had started until I twisted the throttle. There’s no electric starter or kick start trying to turn a stubborn engine for an electric motor which is great as after driving a moped you learn pretty quickly that the hardest part is getting it started.

It has a top speed of 45-55 Km/Hr and a range of 40-50Km before you need to charge up again. The charge time is 4-6 hours which you can easily charge when you are at home at night.

The EVT 4000e did have some drawbacks though - the biggest one being that it is a fairly small scooter. I'm about 6 feet tall and turning was hard as my knees started getting in the way! I would just recommend it for short distance city driving, but it’s really not for me, or my family, as we live in the countryside and need to travel long distances on hills so steep you’d think there’d be sherpas guiding you to the snowy top!

evt 4000e So I found out that the when they get to a hill of 14° the top speed is only 10Km/hr and it stops at 14.2° which really won’t cut it where I live. It may be pretty steep but it will have slowed to a crawl long before it reaches a hill of that incline.

Also the top speed on the flat isn’t fast enough to keep up with the Honda X8RS moped I have which gets 70Km/Hr when most of the roads I travel on have a speed limit of 80Km/Hr.

The battery also needs to be replaced every year and a half and these can be very pricey but on the other hand they’re also the only real maintenance on the bike besides the brake pads and tyres.

All the pieces on the bike can be replaced at a normal bike shop besides the electrics and batteries which you need to go to the dealer for.

Last but not least I have to say that this moped is definitely not a looker. With plenty of grey plastic it's lightyears away from the dazzle of a Piaggio or even a Honda X8R. So if you were looking for a scooter built to impress you're going to have to rely on its eco credentials rather than its looks.

evt 4000e My Verdict.
The EVT 4000e can be bought for around €2500 in Ireland. Like other Electric Scooters it has many advantages like:

  • No noise
  • No pollution
  • Low maintenance
  • No petrol (gas) - only low-cost electricity

evt 4000e
But also has major drawbacks:
  • Low speed
  • Low ability on hills
  • Battery replacement costs
  • High price compared to internal combustion engine mopeds
  • Small size for those with long legs!

So although I am sure that this scooter could be great for a city dweller or someone of smaller stature, unfortunately the last point means that it's not for me!

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