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Electric scooter review: EVT 168

My Verdict of this Electric Scooter.

The EVT 168 was the second scooter I tried when I visited Green Machines in Dublin. It is built by EVT Technology Ltd. - a company set up in Taiwan in 1999. It's based on the Italian Vespa styling and looks very nice - even VERY PRETTY!

Unfortunately - it was a little TOO pretty and clean and I wasn't able to take it for a drive in the wet and dirty yard. However - I have been told that it's handling and characteristics are very similar to it's stablemate - the EVT4000e Scooter - which I did have a chance to drive and review.

Like other electric scooters - there is no electric starter or kick start needed for an electric engine which is great as after driving a petrol moped I realise it's the hardest part is getting it started.

Like the EVT4000e it has a top speed of 45-55 Km/Hr and a range of 40-50Km before you need to charge up again. The charge time is 4-6 hours then which you can easily charge at night.

EVT 168 electric scooterHowever, there were some drawbacks though to the EVT 168 - the biggest one being that, for me, it is a fairly small scooter and turning is hard (my knees get in the way). Probably the biggest problem is again like the EVT4000e and a lot of the smaller Electric Scooters, when they get to a hill of 14° the top speed is only 10Km/hr which really won’t cut it where I live.

My Verdict.
The EVT 168 can be bought for around €2500 in Ireland. Like other Electric Scooters it has many advantages like:

  • No noise
  • No pollution
  • Low maintenance
  • No petrol (gas) - only low-costing electricity

But also has major drawbacks:
    EVT 168 electric scooter
  • Low speed
  • Low ability on hills
  • Battery replacement costs
  • High price compared to internal combustion engine mopeds
  • Small size for my long legs!
  • A little too pretty for me - but I know my sister would love it (in fact she already has her eye on it!!!

So - those last two points mean that it's not for me!

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