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All Electric Vehicles: My Search for the Perfect Electric Car (or hybrid, scooter, bicycle, or motorcycle!!)

Have you ever thought about bitcoin trading with leverage Switching your Transport to an Electric Vehicle?

If you're like me or the people I know, probably not! ... at least not up to recently.

electric vehicles You may have noticed that, as of today, electric vehicles account for a TINY percentage of all the cars, motorbikes, scooters and bicycles on sale.

The thing is, it seems to be becoming more widely believed that electric vehicles will be the main type of transport bitcoin margin trading around the world within 10 years.

electric vehicles
Hi there, my name is Evan Collins. I'm a Mechanical engineering student and live just outside Cork City in Ireland.

Like most guys (and students) my age, I don't have much of my own money ... but I do need to get around!

I got my car licence a couple of years back and that's what led to me to talking to you here today.

electric vehicles You see, my parents have insured what is bitcoin leverage trading me on their little Peugeot 207 diesel - and while that's great - I have some ideas of my own for the future when it comes to car ownership.

While I'm not exactly a dedicated environmentalist, I have come to realise that if I want to get my own set of four-wheels - one that I can actually afford in the next couple of years, then I'm going to take a different approach.

Here's what I'm going to do:
  • Research all of the pros and cons of electric vehicles - what's on the market now, what will be in a couple of years time?
  • Test-drive what is around now (now I like the idea of that!)
  • Come up with the best recommendations
  • AND share this information with all of you guys through this website

electric vehicles
I reckon the journey will be worthwhile, with lots of chances to test-drive some cool wheels - and maybe even get a chance to buy one (a Tesla would be nice)!

Of course, with electric vehicles, the theory is that they will save loads on fuel and running costs, as well as lowering environmental impact - and I suppose they will, but I aim to have the coolest set of wheels in town!

electric vehicles So, is it possible to find a lively, good-looking, fuel-miserly set of electric wheels at this moment in time? If not, when? One year from now? Two years? By the time of my pension?

Stay with me here - have a look around - see what happened next. And then make your own mind up!

All Electric Vehicles Main Categories

Electric Cars
What Electric Cars are available now? What is the best for your needs?

Electric Scooters
Lots of choices of Scooters out there - but where do you get them and what do they look like?

Electric Bicycles
Electric Bicycles have probably taken off the most (for now) in the world of Electric Vehicles. Now, let's have a look at some!

Electric Motorcycles
Can an Electric Motorcycle EVER match the performance and looks of a REAL bike? I think you might be surprised!

Plug-in Hybrids
"Kind of" Electric Vehicles - and they say a lot about where Electric Cars are going next.

Hybrid Cars
A stepping stone on the way to electric cars of the future. But right now hybrid cars are extremely popular!

Who Makes Hybrid Cars
What hybrid cars are out there now? And who makes them?

Hybrid SUV
An SUV isn't what you would think of if you wanted a fuel efficient car, but these hybrid SUV's are still helping!

History and Future
Where did Electric Vehicles come from? Where are they going to? Find out here.

How Do Electric Vehicles Work?
So - how do Electric Vehicles work any way? What makes them different?

Electric Car Conversion
If you can't find anything you like for sale, why not just convert the car you alreay own?

Fastest electric sports car and motorbikes (including hybrids)
Is there any such thing as an Electric Sports Car or Bike. Oh yesss!

Hydrogen Fuel Cell
A different way to get your motor moving.

Other All Electric Vehicles
From trucks to boats, the other all-electric vehicles you never thought of.

Famous Owners
Anyone famous bought one of these Electric gadgets yet? Yep! - Come in here and find out just who.

Frequent Questions
These are the sorts of questions I had on my mind when I started to look at Electric Vehicles - and some answers of course!

Useful Links
Links to the best websites that I have come across - to help you decide which type of electric vehicle is right for you!

Useful Links Page 2
MORE Links to the best websites that I have come across - to help you decide which type of electric vehicle is right for you!

About Me
Find out more about the needs of me and my family when it comes to Electric Transport.

Find out what you're looking for on all-electric-vehicles.

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Check out my "Dream Garage" page - and see the hottest electric cars, motorbikes, hybrids and more. Also you can let me know what you would put in YOUR electric vehicle dream garage!
Cut through the promises and the hype - go to the "Electric Cars For Sale" page - and see which cars are available now AND scheduled for production over the next 3 years.

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